16 February 2011

Thunderbolt Apache Leader: Pre-order

You might recall me rambling on about the game Thunderbolt Apache Leader late last year:

Well the new edition is now available for pre-order at DVG:



We are very proud to return this classic game to the world! Like the rugged A-10 Thunderbolt and AH-64 Apache showcased in the game, TAL keeps coming back for more!

We have maintained the original design while adding extra features. TAL builds on the Air Leader game system used in Hornet Leader and Phantom Leader, and then takes it down low into the weeds of the modern battlefield. Hornets and Phantoms get to fly high. Thunderbolts and Apaches fly low. Really low. In TAL you'll find yourself zooming through canyons and popping over ridge lines to blast unsuspecting enemy tanks, troops, APCs, and more.

You can now take every pilot from Newbie through Ace!

In addition to the aircraft appearing in the original game, we've added all the newest weapon systems including the A-10C, AH-64D Longbow, MQ-1 and RQ-1 Predator UAVs. Unlike the original game, you can now select AV-8B Harriers and AH-1 Cobras as part of your squadron!

To support all this mud-moving aviation hardware, we've added 55 cards and a second counter sheet!

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