04 December 2010

Thunderbolt Apache Leader

I just found this review of an old favourite- the solitaire game: Thunderbolt Apache Leader, by GMT and published almost 20 years ago.

Basically its a solitaire game in which you fly a combined squadron of Thunderbolt ground attack aircraft and Apache gunships and slay all in your path.  The game has a tactical component, which then impacts upon the strategic games.  You manage your crew and aircraft, doing all the mission planning incl weapon loadouts. 


More at BGG here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2154/thunderboltapache-leader

and a pdf version of the rules is available here:

Its one of my all time favourites  as it can also be played as a coop game - indeed I fondly recall a North Korean campaign I played with Comrade James once – he took all the helos and I had all the A-10s as I recall. That meant we had different roles for the overall tactical goals. Great stuff indeed!

Now looooong OOP, I will be REALLY interested to see what the new version (boxed pictured) will be like next year.

Dan Verssen is the designer who left GMT and started his own company, Dan Verssen Games: http://www.dvg.com .

I understand that the cards and graphics will be updated, and the DVG website talks about some updated weapons, but no details yet what that means mechanics wise.  Good news if you are trying to find a copy of this great game.

One for the 2011 purchase list!  And yes, I've already pre-ordered U-Boat Leader by DVG...

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