28 December 2010

Waffen-SS Tyrannosaur Division

Not many people are aware of carnage caused by Hitler's prized Waffen-SS Tyrannosaur Division. Hitler was well aware that the Allies were working on cloning dinosaurs to be used in combat, so he vowed to get their first. Using a special mix of newly emerging science and black magic the Nazi's crafted one of their deadliest weapons. The first division was ready by late 1943 in time for the Battle of Stalingrad where they proved to be highly effective but insufficient in numbers to give the Germans any real advantage.


And if there was any doubt of the menace posed...


  1. The probem was that British propaganda convinced the dinosaurs that they were extinct, whereupon they promptly died.

  2. They are cool but would have been mowed down with machine guns. Neat post though. I love Wierd WW1 and WW2.