12 December 2010

BBQed Shogun

Had the boys 'round today for a final hurrah before Christmas.

Pete, Ken, the Lad and I played this oldie but goodie.  After 4 hrs of playing this 1-2 hr game(!) we called it so we could have our BBQ lunch - a tie overall between Pete and the Lad (who excelled at Ninja assassinations during the game I might add).


  1. That's a blast from the past, I last played that game around 20 years ago. I'll have to get my mate to dig it out of his loft and have another go!!

  2. I played in a five player game a couple weeks ago and it still is a blast. We had played a game on Halloween and the last game was a grudge rematch. Thats what happens when you get the women invloved. They lost in the first game and wanted the rematch.

  3. Loved this game back when it was first released, and snagged the rerelease back a few years ago. Still one of the best, quick and easy wargames out there.

  4. A fun game to be sure! Goes to show that its player interaction and fun thats important, not complex rules.

    Plus it makes one want to yell BANZAI every time the troopes move into attack!