20 February 2011

Weapon XX

Late on in WWII the German Army were desperate for Men,Materials and Victories. Despite lots of small advances the defeats outweighed the victories so many desperate and wonderful Weapons were hurriedly put into production,many of them never reached the Prototype stage let alone the Battlefield. This is one that may have been produced if the War had carried on.......

This is Weapon XX,a Walker type Armoured Battlesuit.With a Crew of one this heavily armoured and Slow Weapon could easily be brought down by Air Attacks although not without a fight.......

..........The Weapon XX was armed with a Quad 20mm Cannon mounted into the Left Weapon Arm,this  provided a very effective deterent to Air Attack. The Weapon XX was also Armed with a Surface to Air Heat seeking Missle in the Left Arm which could easily bring down the latest Jet Aircraft. In the Right Weapon Arm a Surface to Surface Hollow Charge Rocket was carried,this was easily capable of defeating the Allied Armour of the Day.........

The Commander of the Weapon XX was reasonably well protected but to save time the Armour was bolted on rather than Cast but a plus was the Ceramic layer between the Armour Plates which effectively doubled the Armours protective ability. Access was gained by a rear ladder and Door which could be Electrified to deter access. The Commander could 'Walk' the Weapon hatch down with the Cupola closed or Hatch open,this was prefered as visibility was limited.