14 June 2012

A Wizard (needs a Beard)

Picked this guy up at WinterCon last weekend, at the second hand stall.  Why?  Because I keep forgetting I have a Wizard in Blood Bowl and not using him, so I thought a figure might help!
Of course, he can also double up as a British Druid in my Weird WW2 Army, and a Cultist Sorcerer for Pulp games.

The lad chose the jade colour and particularly wanted to see a lightning bolt forming on his outstretched hand, ready to zap a player.  I have seen many very good OSL effects and though I would give it a try with this fig.

I didnt get the OSL exactly right, but I'm pretty happy with it for a first attempt, and Right Stuff likes it in any case.  Feedback and comments welcomed as always.

This is what he looked like before basing and OSL

And taking a leaf from Laughing Ferret, who often posts a related music clip in his posts, here is "one of my favourite Aussie bands "The Beard" playing "A Wizard needs a Beard!"


  1. He looks to me like he's going fry somebody's ass, good work Paul!

  2. Great figure, do a dry brush of white and the OSL will look right, or leave it, because its pretty good as is.

  3. Funny I've been eying this guy on eBay to add to my LOTR collection, but he looks good in jade. I haven't been bold enough to try OSL, but it certainly looks effective on your mini.


    1. Indeed, I forgot to mention that this is 'Sharky' from the LoTR range

  4. Nicely done. I'm a fan of taking LotR miniatures and using them for other purposes/games. I'm glad to see others doing the same. Sharky makes a great wizard and you certainly did him justice.

  5. ODIN ! :)

    Very nice minis ! To me he looks like Odin, out in disguise cheking out the people in Midgard. Perfect for your long missing Viking games.

    Looking forward to some more Viking gaming at your blog, long time sins the last game... a little to much BB for me;)

    Keep up the good work Paul

    Best regards Michael