28 June 2012

June Hobby Progress - Update 3

OK, Lets see how I fared in the month of June, after setting myself come goals
Slann Basing - still at 95%
Paint a new Goul for my Undead Team - Finished!
Touch up and rebase my Undead Team - Finished!
Paint my Strange Aeons Cults - Finished, see here
Paint my Strange Aeons Hell Hounds: never got started actually...
Finish my Cultist Standing Stones - Finished, see here
Make a Blog Page for our Blood Bowl Teams - underway here
Make a Blog Page for my Pulp/Horror stuff - underway, see here
28mm Wizard - Finished, see here
Finish US Army APES for Incursion: 90% done, see here
Do some Incursion terrain bits / "Doomsday devices": Finished, see here

Start a Whole new project, drop it, restart it and then put it to one side: 6% complete

Spend a whole bunch of time surfing the web and ordering more figures not related to any of the above: done!

Think about my imminent Birthday and how I can use it to justify buying myself even more: tick

Go down a rabbit hole and start thinking about getting into a whole new game of a different genre and scale: You know it...

So overall, a pretty productive month.  I got a bunch of things completed and off the modelling table where they have been for some time.  A big dry spell of modelling time is coming up though.


  1. At that working rate you'll have to replenish you lead storage in no time!

    (Note: Somehow some of your writing shows up in "white" over "white background" making it a it hard to read...)

    1. Thanks mate - bit of a Blogger bug going around - keeps getting me, sometimes very badly

  2. very busy! Lots of time outdoors for when its dry then! Same here

  3. Too funny! You have actually been quite productive. I think I'm mostly on the put down pick up and buy totally unrelated random figure projects.

  4. Sounds very productive.........or is it???? Pick it up, put it down then pick it up and put it down, pick it.............

  5. Excellent work all round, well done that man!

  6. Not too bad at all Paul. Sounds a lot like me!!