27 June 2012

Progress with APEs

These is my US Army A.P.E. (Armoured Personal Exo-system) squad from the boxed starter set I bought last year and am finally getting around to finishing.  The painting and decals are finished and the basic basing is complete.  I now need to dirty them up a bit (currently too clean for me!) and detail the bases.

Here are the first three. Left to Right are HMG APE with .50 cal, Blazer APE with Flamethrower, and Grunt APE with drum fed Browning.30 cal MG

Next Three: Sarge APE (I still need to find a decal with some stripes/chevrons), "Slugger Murphy" with his .50cal pistol, and another Grunt APE with .30 Cal MG
These six APEs are all from the basic set.  There is also a Bazooka version from the SNAFU expansion, but I don't have that model.  Anyone got any good tips for reducing the shininess of the decals?


  1. I have a few of these in the 'to do' stack and your excellent efforts make me want to get at them. I think they would be great for Pulp gaming to face off against any nasty nazi stuff.

    1. Or even to give the Government forces an edge against those Innsmouth folks...!

  2. Nice work, I've been told that the "brush on" Army Painter matt varnish is good and very matt and flat. Have yet to try it out myself, but no other brush on varnish that I've tried has been anywhere near my desired end results of a dead matt finish.

  3. Nicely done the green is spot on and suits them well.

  4. Them's some fiercesomely good looking Apes.

  5. Thanks all - its always great to have one's work appreciated!