04 June 2012

Concept Ships

I found this site the other day, with some fantastic artwork of space ships.  Many are hard/near SciFi, others are more far future.  Here are a couple of my favourites:



  1. Nifty ships. As for the question you asked on my blog http://sippinonpaintwater.blogspot.com/; the stone areas of my arena are made from blue sheet styrene insulation. I just cut it to shape with a hobby knife and then drew the stone in with a pencil. Then I punched the surface gently a few hundred times to give it an irregular worn look, then painted with several layers of grey paint using an over-brushing technique. It took two evenings working on it with my friend Chris and cost about $25 if you had to buy everything to make it, but you would have quite a bit of materials left over as the sheet styrene and the chip board are sold in 4X8 sections.

    1. Thanks Chris - I haven't tried sculpting with blue styrene before, it came out great!