22 June 2012

Scions of the Eternal Tentacle: Part 1

Introducing my new Cultist force: The Scions of the Eternal Tentacle

The Magos: Arch-fiend and Architect of despicable deeds!
(Figure by Heresy Miniatures here)

Keeper of the Tome, Cult Zealot and the right hand of the Magos:

The Boys:
The Thug: Just don't step on his blue suede shoes!
Pistols - easily concealable mayhem
Thompson SMGs: when escalation is required!
Flamer: for when things need heating up!

Converted Bomber: when things need to go off with a Bang!
There is always one who skulks off at an inappropriate time...
All Cultists from Artizan Design's 'Thrilling Tales' collection here

Colours used: white undercoat, goblin green basecoat, heavy Thrakka Green wash, goblin Green/White highlights.

Good times together in the cursed standing stones


  1. Very cool! I really like the Artizan stuff. The bomber is hilarious. I'm going to have to order some for my own collection.

  2. This is so cool.

    Hail to the Tentacle!

  3. These are fantastic mate! Your cultists and my cultists must get together some time soon...

  4. They look great. Never enough cultists types

  5. These are cool! Well done. I did not know of these before... May have to get some of them!

  6. Very fun! gotta love the one on a smoke break

  7. Absolutely brilliant! You don’t want to have the chap having the crafty ciggie anywhere near the bomber!

  8. Great looking stuff! Can't wait to see more game reports.

  9. Very nice Paul. Now lets see em in a batt-rep.

  10. Fantastic! So what are they for exactly?

    1. Strange Aeons - a Pulp/Horror style skirmish game with Cthulhu style overtones. There is a draft supplement where you can run a Cult in a campaign!

  11. Really nice group. Hope to see them in a report soon.

  12. The look great, makes me want to get round to painting mine!

  13. Nice...you've hit the nail on the head! The bomber and smoker are hilarious!

  14. Creepy stuff... in a good way. Love the slacker with the cig. He apparently only came along for the free beer. :)


  15. Thanks everyone - I really enjoyed painting them and am looking forward to trying them out on the table using Strange Aeons.

    But of course you cant run a campaign with only one Cult...Now to decide whether the next one will be an Undead/Goul, Deep One/Hybrid, or Evil Scientist/Zombie. Of course you know the eventual answer will be all of the above!

  16. Great job on the figures. I agree, you can always use another cult, but which one? Again, you know you will! (paint all three, that is!)

    I'd be curious to see your deep one/hybrid cast as you get to it.

  17. Lol. These are the very same figures I'm procrastinating painting. Mine are purple....

  18. Awesome job, love the Magos figure!