18 June 2012

Embedded: a Review

I've recently finished reading this novel by Dan Abnett, an author seemingly best known for his high quality 40k fiction.

Overall I quite enjoyed this book, though I would not say it is as good as his other works from a Military SF perspective.  Set in its own universe in which Humanity is expanding to the starts in its traditional country/bloc factions (much like Traveller 2300AD actually), its a more Hard SF themed book.  However, what it lacks in punch there it more than makes up for in its original concepts and ideas regarding future media operations.

I don't want to give anything anyway because I really enjoyed the surprises as the story unravelled.  I found the fist 70 or so pages uninspiring, but then it really took off and in hindsight was well worth the wait.  Some of the cool stuff was at time frustratingly absent after a teaser paragraph, but then thats probably the hard core SF geek in me wanting more.

Its not the best book I've read by a long shot, but I'm glad I got it.  If you are after something different to read, but which still has lots of shooting and cool stuff, give this a go - you wont regret it.


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  1. I agree with you - an Ok read but only 4/10 and far from Abnett's best. Btw I did review Strange Aeons for you :-)