23 June 2012

Scions of the Eternal Tentacle: Part 2

Presenting the background of my Cultist Force, the Scions of the Eternal Tentacle, for Strange Aeons and Pulp/Horror gaming:

Cult members are distinguished by fearlessness in the face of death, an unceasing determination to keep the secrets of their cult by any means necessary – even by biting off their own tongues, and a passion for cheese macaroni. They each have the cult's secret sign emblazoned upon their bodies, usually their right forearm.

When the City of New York released the area to developers, the brotherhood was forced to step up their activities.  A new Acolyte, Hesodus, was transferred in from an overseas chapter - one with new knowledge who could help improve their summoning rites.  However, their decrepit Warehouse lair collapsed during such a ritual in June 1926 and many followers were killed in the resulting fire.  Not all members were accounted for in that incident, but the Authorities recovered identifiable parts of Father Ezekiel amongst the dead...

What the Brotherhood members don't know is that they have been infiltrated by a rival Cult.  Indeed the Hesodus who came to them in Brooklyn was an imposter from the Scions of the Eternal Tentacle.  Having intercepted and disposed of the real Acolyte Hesodus, he disposed of him (gruesomely), took his place and began twisting the Brotherhood's rituals.  In fact, the June 1926 incident was a powerful summoning in which Hesodus had manipulated the ritual to call a daemon to consume the entire cult.  Father Ezekiel realised in time to prevent this from occurring, but the Daemon destroyed him and many others before destructively dematerialising.  Hesodus was badly disfigured in the fire, but has been able to claim he sustained his injuries while trying to save Ezekiel (and anyone who saw otherwise perished in the fire), which has further increased his standing in the cult.

In the aftermath of the disaster, Magos Hesodus assumed the leadership of the handful of survivors and went to ground, keeping their activities strictly secret. Slowly but surely the Brotherhood rebuilt its strength and in that time Hesodus has transformed the Cult completely - spurning the clearly ineffectual Tulzscha (who, after all couldnt save Ezekiel and was therefore unworthy of their devotion) and they now instead praise other Elder beings.  Reborn and renamed, the Scions of the Eternal Tentacle are now ready to once again become a power in the region.


  1. Love the figs, love the write up, nice stuff all around. Which does the cult prefer; shells and cheddar or more traditional elbow macaroni noodles?

  2. Good back story. All hail (insert new Elder beings name here).

  3. Fun stuff! Now we need to gather up a few solid chaps from the club and give them cultist a damn good thrashing!


  4. Nice background, good job!

  5. great work and nice story!

  6. Really cool backstory for your cult, and the macaroni and cheese made me laugh :-D