05 June 2012

June Hobby Progress: Update 1

Action has commenced on the June hobby work list:

- Rearrangement of the carnage on my Hobby table so I could start - about as good as it will get %
- Slann Team basing - 65% complete
- Pulp Stone Circle - 80% complete
- Paint a new Goul for my Undead team - 80% complete
- Touch up and rebase the rest of my Undead Team - 50% complete
- Paint my Strange Aeons Cultists -  0% complete
- Paint my Strange Aeons Hell Hounds - 0% complete
- Make a Blog Page with all our Blood Bowl Teams: Initial Draft Uploaded
- Start a completely new and ambitious project which will probably eclipse all other efforts yet still not get finished in the allotted time: 3% complete
I've also made a start on a new book (it arrived before Bitter Seeds, so that has to wait a bit) - interesting so far, and very different in style to the author's previous 40k novels.


  1. Dan Abnett always writes very book with some common ground elements and then twists each one into a unique book. Very talented writer, one of the best for Black Library.

  2. I've always liked Dan Abnett's stuff!

  3. I got that book when it first came out and loved it.

  4. Good luck on the hobbgy progress, it's quite a list, especially when your going to get pulled away by a damn fine book. Definitely a great writer of the genre. Enjoy.