16 June 2012

More Death Angel Expansions

The third and Four expansions for Death Angel (by FFG) snuck out earlier this year without my noticing.
In case you missed them too (and care!) here they are:

Fight the Tyranid Threat! The Death Angel Tyranid Enemy Pack is a Print on Demand expansion for Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game. It includes two additions for Death Angel: a new deck of enemy cards to replace the standard Genestealer deck, and a new Location card type. 

The new Tyranid deck contains a variety of enemies to challenge even the most seasoned Space Marines, while the Hive Lord Location cards introduce the Tyranid’s epic and deadly overlords!

The Deathwing Space Marine Pack, expansion for Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game, includes an alternate set of Space Marines to replace the ones from the Death Angel base game.

By simply switching out a number of your base game combat teams, you can bring new strategic options to your fight against the vile Genestealers!


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