18 April 2012

P is for Pitch Invasion!

Every time play commences the kicking player rolls on a random event chart called (funnily enough) the Kick-Off Table.  All sorts of crazy things can occur, but on a roll on 12 (on 2d6) a Pitch Invasion occurs.

Fans from both sides run onto the pitch, looking to get back at the opposition players or give their own team a big, over-enthusiastic hug.  Coaches roll a d6 for each of their players (adding FAME bonuses) and on a 6 or more, the player is stunned when play commences!


  1. Oh that is just brilliant! Not all bad news though if your team gets hugged by the young lady in bottom photograph!

  2. It happened to me today, I managed to beat the Necromancers as well! 2-1 I had the Lizard Men

  3. The second pics my favourite kind of invasion!!!

  4. My 2nd favorite kick off result!
    First is Blitz.. if I am kicking. Otherwise let chaos reign and give me a Pitch Invasion!

  5. Nice photo choice Paul. I can see why a pitch invasion could be a good thing.

  6. Funny as I couldn't remember the last time I had that result on a game (for sure more than 3yrs) and my last league game I got it while kicking, and got almost half my team facing the grass (and cost me a TD).

    Along with 'Riot' and 'Blitz' can turn out to be a serious tactical problem for either coach depending on the results.
    Literally, "let chaos reign" as mentioned by Mr. Ferret!