17 April 2012

Odinn's Champions vs Ellyrion Eyra's

Round 3 of our local Blood Bowl League saw Right Stuff's Norse matched up against the High Elf team Ellyrion Eyra's.   Coming out of his 3 nil loss to the Wood Elves and not having the cash to replace his slain Blitzer, the Lad needed to pull something out of the hat.  He had some coin for inducements, but instead of going for a Wizard, Right Stuff decided to go unconventional: Star Player 'Boomer' Eziasson and a wandering Apothecary.

He started off the game giving away 2 FAME - thats three times in a row he has done that! - and went on to loose the toss and receive the ball.  Adding insult to injury the Elves started off the game with a Blitz.  It seemed that Nuffle was going to be with the Elves this day.

A scrappy first half ensued, the Yeti failing many of his Wild Animal rolls, a elf got badly hurt and a Norse lineman got crowd surfed (and charted for a -1Mv) but the ball didn't go far from the centre.  The Lad tried somethign novel - a dizaaling mix of Got Fo its, Dodges, a long pass and a catch!  His Runner was in scoring distance but without support...splat down he went.  And then he couldn't pick it up again the next turn either.  Then the Norse thrower got killed in a block.  The Apoth saved him but he ended up with -1 Ag...bugger.  In the end the Norse managed to sneek it over the line to be up 1 nil.
...and another Elf bites the Bust!
The High elves had a single turn left to play in the first half.  The Norse had but 9 players, and so star player 'Boomer' Eziasson took the field, didnt even get a turn, and was ejected for his Secret Weapon.  Darn!

Right Stuff kicked off to the eleves to start off the second half, each team fielding 9 players each.  The eleves performed in typical fashion and 2 turns later the score was 1 all.  Right Stuff had 6 turns to try and grind it home.  His drive started well, and another elf was taken off the pitch - this time to the morgue though!  But again it got bogged down an ugly.  And elf charge pressured a hopeful Norse long pass but its didnt eventuate and after a tense few last turns the game was called as a draw.

Overall I think the Lad did well (though I bet he wish he had taken that Wizard!) and the score reflected the game well I think.  Annoyingly, MVP went to the Ag broken Thrower, who will now skill up...

Oddin's Champions now have an Move broken Lineman (no big deal) and an Ag broken Thrower (who will be kept for use as a Lineman until he can be replaced).   He skilled up with Wrestle, as did one of the Runners who has scored 2 TDs and took Dodge.

With a record of 1Win, 1 Draw and 1 Loss, Odinn's Champions are placed in the centre of the league, and as a team they have killed the most players (3) !  Next game will see Odinn's Champions carry three journeymen, going into another game against a Necromatic team: The Midnight Hour


  1. Cool game report!
    A tie vs elves is not that bad considering how mischievous those pointy ears can be!
    Go Champion's!

    Oh, and nice pics!
    Nothing like two well painted teams over a nice pitch!

  2. With all that luck stacked against him I'm impressed he kept it to a tie!
    I hope the elf he killed was a vital player ;)

    If it was me, I'd probably sack the thrower now. That agility bust makes him nearly useless at his job, and he might pull MVP again. Too bad the apotho didn't end up killing him- that's 5 SPP that could have gone to someone more desirable. Not so bad to sack him now, it'd just mean 4 journeymen instead of 3, but a regular lineman can now do the job of thrower about as well as the thrower and won't pull SPP only to have them be retired. If he had sure hands I could see keeping him as a harassing lineman, who might have a chance to recover dropped balls. If the team doesn't have many rerolls could find a place to keep him in that roll, giving him 'leader' where an active thrower might not have the luxury to take a skill like that.

    tough breaks- hope the team gets some cash and recovers.

    1. thanks!now looking backing on it I should have let him die and gotten the mvp on another player but wrestle and next skill(if he some how gets an MVP and a touchdown)would definitely be leader.

  3. Awesome pitch and great painting on those miniatures!
    Necromantic teams are tough opponents, wishing the Lad luck with the next game.

    1. ya! I loss 2-0 but cazed a werewolf for some SPP's but the highlight of the game was the oart of the where the yhetee intercepted the ball only to fail a blitz wild animal to had it of to a line man who could hand it off to score!