11 April 2012

J is for Juggernaught

The smashing, bashing, unstoppable force running down other players is a classic scene in any sport.
The skill Juggernaught brings this to the BloodBowl pitch: A player with this skill is virtually impossible to stop once he is in motion.

This skill is great for two reasons: firstly, it turns a 'both down' result into a push back - which is very handy if your player doesn't have Block as it keeps him on his feet and avoids a turnover.  Its other key advantage is that it negates the defensive skills Stand Firm, Fend and Wrestle on the target player.  The negative aspect of Juggernaught is that it can only be used as apart of a Blitz action and thus is not good in defence.

Juggernaught is sometimes referred to the  poor man's Block skill because its very useful in attack, but not as versatile.  However, its generally more accessible to Big Guys (as a Strength skill).

I think Juggernaught would be a good third or fourth skill on a Blitzer and would be great in a safety role, especially if it was combined with the Strip Ball skill where the additional push back results will pop the ball loose.  Unfortunately though, my Blitzers don't tend to survive long enough to get three or four skills!


  1. I'd like to think I'd be a good Juggernaught!

  2. It's a great skill for minotaurs that only get mutations on doubles- for Chaos Dwarfs & Pact it's the first skill I'd give the mino. Last thing you want is someone with fend being put on the mino, it forces them to blitz in future turns- but not if they have juggernaught! Also, when opponents take stand firm, knowing you like to push them into the crowd, this gets rid of that too.

    1. It is indeed a great skill for surfing people but Jugger only works on a Blitz action, not a block. Thus there is a danger with your Mini that you fail your Wild Animal roll and thus waste your blitz for the turn.

      Nevertheless, I love putting Jugger and Frenzy on a Big Guy who already has Mighty Blow and adding Claw is just evil!

  3. I'm with Mr. Ferret here, Jugg is huge for minotaurs.
    Still I keep feeling tempted by beginning with the other end of the stick and start with the aforementioned 'Stand Firm' first.
    Mainly because how easy it is to set him up for crowd push with 3 die blitzes, and then he's just standing there waiting to have the same fate...

  4. For sure - not saying it wont work, just that there is risk, thats all. It would also work pretty well on a Yeti (who starts with Claw but not Mighty Blow) and I'm dreading the day Right Stuff works that out for his Norse team!

    1. LOL
      Oh, but he will, sooner or later, he will!