03 April 2012

C is for Cheerleaders

Most sports have them, and who knows: maybe a good set of inspirational girls could get the Australian Cricket team back in form?  Lets face it, its another very good reason to watch sport!

Well Blood Bowl is no different I'm pleased to say.  In the team management component of the game (which is the strategic bit between games, as opposed to the onfield play), you develop your team.  This includes player development, and buying support staff like assistance coaches and cheerleaders!  So from a gaming sense why would you spend you cash on the ladies?
The cheer squad for the Manly Sea Eagles: a rugby league team in Sydney
In some circumstances during the kick-off roll, the girls can whip the crowds into a frenzy - and if your fans react better than your opponent's you get a free reroll (which if used wisely can have a big impact).   It also adds another excuse for a bit of modelling fun.
Old Skool Blood Bowl illustrations from http://www.bloodbowl.org


  1. I always have a cheerleader model for a team I make, even if I don't have it rostered right away, it just completes a team :)

  2. They really do add a little something extra.

  3. I just wouldn't be the same with out the cheerleaders, like someone said, it completes a team1

  4. I'm new to this gaming stuff - I grew up back in the day when we had to code games into a PC - yeah, I'm that old :) - so I'm appreciating where gaming is today. Looking forward to "D."

  5. Excellent photo choice Paul!!