01 April 2012

A is for Always Hungry!

I love this particular Skill!  It comes on Trolls who also have the ability the Throw a Team-Mate.  This allows a coach to have a Goblin or similar tiny player collect the ball  and then have the big guy toss the ball holding player over the heads of the opposing players, where he can dash downfield and into the endzone (if he doesnt fall and break his legs on impact that is).  Sounds simple eh?
Old Skewl Blood Bowl Troll figure (from Sho3box)
Unfortunately, when the Troll picks up the Goblin he might decide that he cant wait until the half time snack break after all.  The Always Hungry skill means that on a 1 (on a d6) he will try to shove the little fellah into his maw instead.  And on a second 1 (on a d6) he successfully scoffs his squealing team mate.  The Goblin is dead with no chance of being saved by your medics.  Pretty funny stuff - I've never seen it, but have heard of it many times.  Its this kind of hillarious mayhem that makes Blood Bowl the game it is!


  1. I've had games where the troll rolls it every time, ruining the throw goblin, though I've never had a troll manage to eat the goblin yet

  2. That's not a regular event on these parts too, but I've managed to witness it once.
    Not a pretty sight.
    Specially the opponent coach face.