13 April 2012

L is for Leap!

Aerial ballet on the pitch is always a thing of beauty, and of course a source of much amusement when it goes horribly wrong!

A player with the Leap skill can jump into any empty square (no jumping on top of another player!) within 2 squares, and needs to pass an Agility roll to land on his or her feet.  There are no modifiers for any tackle zones and it avoids all dodging.  It can thus be used to leap into a defensive formation of opposing players and get a shot at the ball carrier! (so it goes very well with Strip Ball)  Or on offense one can jump right over the defenders to get a clear run for the end zone.
Dwarves: You can't toss 'em but they can Leap! (not that I've ever seen it :-)
The only modifier to the landing roll is the attribute Very Long Legs.  This is generally only available as a mutation so is rarely seen.  One exception to this is the Slann team who, as a race of big frogs, all come with both Leap and Very Long Legs as starting skills.  Needless to say this gets somewhat aggravating rather quickly an I recommend a large serving of frog's legs to your players to get them in a mood to squash the slippery individuals when they can get their hands on them!

Want to know more? http://bbtactics.com/leap/


  1. Is kicking them in the crackers a defensive skill?

  2. Are you allowed to drop players on their heads? Rugby is cracking down on this. Spoilsports.

  3. Leaping sounds all well and good but I imagine the landing is thwart with danger!

  4. Leap really isn't for the 'ordinary player' as it usually requires a couple other skills to be somehow a bit more reliable, but when its there it forces you to re-think both your defensive and offensive game.

    Yes, because with it you can both Leap over the defence to score your TD, or Leap inside a 'box' and knock the ball free just as easy!