21 August 2011

SAGA Viking Age Skirmishes Is Go!

From the latest Gripping Beast Newsletter:

We have a release date for SAGA!

We will begin shipping the week commencing 19th September, that's about four weeks time, and we are now taking pre-orders for the rules and all our other SAGA related goodies.

We've got a whole raft of releases in suport of the system. Not only do we have the rather lovely rule-book (that comes with four sturdy Battle Boards, one each for Vikings, Anglo-Danish, Welsh & Normans,) but we are also releasing the relevant ranges in SAGA friendly formats including some 4 point Starter Warbands. And then there are of course the special faction specific dice....

To make things even easier we have put together a number of SAGA bundles from simple Rule Book and Dice combos all the way up to a "One of everything SAGA" deal.

Go and take a look in the SAGA Section here.

All preorders for any SAGA related products (except the LBMS SAGA Sheets) come with a FREE figure of the young Sven Forkbeard sculpted by Bill Musketeer Thornhill and painted here using the new SAGA Dark Age Warpaints set which is also ready for pre-order!

In fact there really are tons of SAGA Products now available to pre-order so take a look now!

New  SAGA Warlords 

and the Dane here..


  1. All that´s missing is a grendell fig...They look great.

  2. Noooooooo... I'm sick of the waiting.

  3. Damn! That's more money gone! The rules do look very good though.

  4. Got mine pre-ordered already - can't wait!
    (must not buy more vikings. must not buy more vikings. must not buy more vikings....damn.)

  5. I've really been looking forward to this. One of my favorite time periods, and the game is sounding solid.

  6. Wonderful, but as others have said,more money gone.Thanks Paul

  7. Wow, looks like some nice goodies here, lucky I am doing this period in 15mm....Phew, money saved for now.

  8. Very cool Vikings, I'm going to have to look at SAGA.

  9. Suppouse I have to tryout SAGA to... looks realy promesing, specially the promo mini...

    Best regards Dalauppror

  10. You can download full SAGA in HQ PDF by www.druzhina.org