10 August 2011

Blood Bowl Scoreboard WIP2

We've undercoated and started dry-brushing the wooden component of the scoreboard, and rethought  the plan for the number markers.  Rather than using magnets as planned, we have gone back to a more traditional approach - small wooden dowel section are now inserted and we carved out number tiles in the same rough style to hang off them.  The Lad enjoyed using the sander and drill along the way too.

The wooden dowels project out the back of the fence, and will be used to hang the markers not in use.
The markers will be labelled 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, with a zero to be painted on the fence as the default score.
On track for use in the Man Cave Bowl tourney!


  1. That is an excellent idea, might steal this one for our own Blood Bowl gaming :-)

  2. Please do Anatoli- but don't show up the Lad with your superior skills ok?