13 August 2011

Dark Age Scenarios

Some nice Dark Ages Battle Reports, using Pig Wars:
Mik's "Ragnar's Revenge": http://miksminis.blogspot.com/search/label/Vikings
and "Here Comes the Bride" http://bcantwell.wordpress.com/2010/03/22/pig-wars-here-comes-the-bride/

Good stuff indeed! I'll have to nick these some ideas from these for our own battles.
Great figs - but sadly not mine!  From the bride scenario.


  1. Those links are dated back in March and July of 2010 and were some of the first Viking era games I saw which inspired me to get Pig Wars and start collecting to figures for Dark Age gaming. Now look where I am :) Thanks for posting them again!

  2. I agree - its great to look back on what got you kicked off on a project.

    Awesomeness is timeless :-)

  3. Nice games there Paul. Thanks.