17 August 2011

Blood Bowl Scoreboard WIP4

We couldn't wait to get it into action, so the Lad grabbed a brush and got to work with the numbers and letters.  I gave a bit of guidance but its his work.  We both learned a lot during this:
- The Lad learned about the perils of overloading the brush, smudging techniques and washes.
- I learned that if you tell the Lad its his project, then its his project and he'll do it the way he wants!  So while I would have done this differently and gave such advice, he went a different way.  Whats most important is that he did it and loves it.  The inner modeller in me is struggling to (rightly) let him have his freedom with this though...

Final bit of detailing still to come, but we rushed it into action.  Here is my (uncharacteristically and embarassingly unpainted) Human Catcher running in a TD to be first on the board.  Does he get extra Star Player Points for that?


  1. Mine is struggling aswell but it's Blood Bowl, good work by the lad.

  2. I see nothing wrong with it! Good work by the lad.

  3. No, nothing wrong with it indeed! If I want to do something different I should make my own - so I will!

    Actually, I'm thinking about a different approach with turning wheels for the numbers and perhaps a weather indicator too. If I get really flash it might have an LED too...

  4. The board looks fantastic! Unfortunately no bonus SPP's to *unpainted* figs however!