30 August 2011

Hellmouth Heroes

...being the name of my new Vampyr Blood Bowl team, which arrived this and is already two games into their first season in the Man Cave League. Previously known as the "Fallen Crusaders", these promising players were bought as is from the Ausbowl forum (so no, I didn't paint them)

Why Hellmouth Heroes? The Lad suggested it as its the place off Buffy the Vampire Slayer where all the bad stuff comes from, including the Vamps.  So the Vamps are named for Buffy bad buys: The Master, Drusilla, Angelis & Spike, while the thralls are named after exactly what they are: walking blood banks.  So meet A Pos, A Neg, B Pos, B Neg, AB Pos, AB Neg, O Pos & O Neg :-)
A bit blurry -  I'll take some better ones in the future
Team wise, I went with a starting build of 3 Vampires, 8 Thralls and 5 Re-rolls.  My first purchase with winnings was an apothecary, and now I'm saving up for Vamp number 4.

Initial thoughts are that at this early stage play is very scrappy, with neither good bash skills nor good Agility/Passing, but a combo of both.  Developing this team and mastering its unique style will really be the challenge I was looking for.


  1. Neat font on the team logo. Looking forward to updates.

  2. Dude, HILARIOUS thrall names. Too awesome for words.

  3. Really awesome and really fun use of Blood Types for their names :D

    On a related note (BB) I finally started to clean and assemble my orc team. Greenstuffed the Troll from Black Scorpion this afternoon and really have my Blood Bowl urge back again :-)

  4. Wow! That's a lot of rerolls.

    I would have opted for 4 Vamps to start I think. It's crucial that they get SPP as they are really what makes the team.

    Make sure you have plenty of Thralls!

  5. thanks all

    Anatoli: looking fwd to seeing them!

    Randroid: I had to buy a replacement thrall but I've almost got enough cash for Vamp no 4. I've been getting a merc Vamp as an inducement anyway

  6. Very cool. This team came out after I stopped playing BB. They sound pretty interesting.

  7. hey Paul, I know how much you like all things Vikings and Saxons so I thought I would give you the heads up, have you seen this batrep yet ? .... you probably have, Hehehe.


  8. Great stuff Paul. Love the names.