08 August 2011

Blood Bowl Scoreboard WIP1

After much procrastination, I have started building a Blood Bowl scoreboard for the upcoming 4 team "Man Cave Bowl" in a few weeks time.

I was keen to get the Lad started in the modelling side of the hobby so we started with an Orc themed scoreboard, and he has been carving away merrily at coffee stirrer sticks and sticking them to some foamcore.  In the meantime, I am building a more finished version for my forthcoming Human Team.

Here we are just prior to undercoating

We are using the lid from a Bionicles toy as a stand
More to follow!


  1. Great start there Paul. The lad is doing well.

  2. It's a good idea, looking forward to the finished board!

  3. Looks good and great idead to get the lad involved

  4. grand work...if the interest is there at an early age...no matter what happens they will come back to it later in life...