18 August 2011

My new Blood Bowl team

After years of playing Skaven (and suffering horrendous casualties), I've decided I need to start a new Team to take it to the Lad and his rampaging Orc team, The Deathstars.  Initially I was thinking of Chaos Pact but the Lad is dead keen on a Chaos team next so I had to find something a bit different.  So what team I hear you ask?

So its time to grab some new figures, and the 5th edition Vamp team is really nice:

and then of course boff up on the new tactics, including how to use those skill-less, cheap snacks thralls and how to semi-control or at least manage the Vamps' Bloodlust trait. Found some great starting points here:

And of course I have to name the team too.
Whatcha think: "Red Thirst", "The Blood Pack" "Bite Sized", or "Punctuation Marks"?
The team motto will be either Cupio Sanguinem (Thirst for Blood) or Carpe Sanguis (Take the Blood).

Isn't it fun getting a new army/team :-)


  1. Ghoul Coast Titans
    Bashtown Red Sucks

  2. Most of the text seems to be white boxes my friend and the motto should be "Blood for the Blood God".

  3. Hey, a new team, woohoo! Seems like a lot of Vampire teams have been popping up in my neck of the woods, no pun intended.

    The new minis are nice too, both of our local teams use Reaper for the Vamps, and plastic humans for the Thralls. I think it would be awesome if the Thralls were modeled as peasants and angry villagers.

    Just remember, Blood Lust is a 1 in 6 chance unless you actually need the vamp to do something important...then it's 50/50.

  4. TWD: love the names - will reserve for my future Necro team :-)

    Thanks Angry, weird! - fixed now

    "Blood for the Blood God" is a bit too Khornate I think, not that I wont use it later for a chaos team though!

    Good one Captain - I'd forgotten the movie!

    Mik - oh yeah, that sounds familiar! Like the chances of a player I want to be killed getting injured seem to spiral to 1 in a thousand :-) Any pics of your local Vamp teams?

  5. Vlads Midnight Runners? Without the overalls though... :)

  6. Vlad´s Impalers!!! a team with bite.
    The O positives!!!
    Transylvanian Rednecks???

  7. I just started playing Vampires recently... team has massive potential when things go well. When they don't... you kill or knock out a Thrall per turn.

    My vamps are here:

  8. The K 9´s ??
    Hell sings Heroes ???
    The Bram Stokers from Capetown??
    The coffin dodgers ??
    Crypt kickers ???

  9. Vamps are really cool, and their bloodsucking rule is hilarious haha