12 August 2011

More Red Blok walkers

Not repaints, but small additions, fixing up the basing and adding a bunch of weathering has made a big difference to these walkers.  Good to go in either an AT-43 or WWW2 battlefield.  I have a bunch of these I'll get around to one day...

Some other great stuff at that website to inspire you in lots of other genres too.


  1. They look great!

    I just picked up a copy of DUST Tactics after watching to see how it went over the last year or so. I finally caved after watching the new Captain America movie.

    The Red Blok would do very nicely for the Soviets! Have you played any weird war games yet?

    Happy Gaming,


  2. They do some nice models which can work well with any sci-fi period.

  3. I like the squat, almost submarine/pod bodies on these mechs. Unique sculpts here.

  4. Yes Allan I have, using SOTR.
    Haven't used any mecha yet though