17 May 2011

Saxon Church - WIP 2

The pace of construction (if you missed Part 1 look here) has slowed due to work commitments, but I have progressed the thatched roof.  I'm going for a layered effect this time, so have been putting the teddy bear fur down in strips, each then glued down over the other.  I'm pretty happy with how its coming along, but I haven't tidied up the edges yet.

The entrance roof I am leaving until the painting is done, so the thatch doesn't get any errant colour on it.  Though that also presents an option for a small section of shingle to really mix it up a bit.  not sure yet - recommendations welcomed!


  1. I'd stay with the thatch, very nice work though.

  2. Great work.

    You have really made the CNC model look much better. Looking forward to seeing it painted up :)

    Happy Gaming,


  3. Looks good with just the thatch.

  4. Looks good. I think I'd stick with the thatch too. It's amazing what you can do with teddy-bear fur.


  5. Awesome stuff. Think the thatch looks great!

  6. Teddy bear fur? Damn thats clever.

  7. It astounds me how good the teddy bear hair looks as thatch in these pictures...

  8. Yep, the teddy bear fur is a great option - messy, but effective. Very cheaply available at a material shop too.

    My initial play with it was just to glue it down as you can see here:

    But then slapping a layer of watered down PVA on top really makes a difference. This time I'll also be doing some drybrushing to mottle the colour a bit more.

  9. Church looks good, although windows are later style (minor problem when on the gaming table and in use). See

    teddy-bear fur for thatch looks great

    -- Allan