08 May 2011

Cyborg Seals and Zombie Penguins

Yesterday we had a family excursion for Mother's Day, taking SWMBO on a boat trip to the largest fur seal colony in Australia (Seal Rocks, off Phillip Island in southern Victoria).  It was pretty amazing actually and apart from all the expected ones lying about on the rocks, a seething mass of playful pups converged on the boat.

After watching them for awhile, the Lad turns to me and says 'One day they will be my loyal army of super-intelligent cyborg seals, and they will help me defeat the zombie penguin invasion from Antarctica.  Actually, that would make a cool wargame.'

His education is really taking hold!
Posted by a proud gamer Dad


  1. Definately a "that's mah boy" moment.

  2. As his joint godfather I must say I approve of how he is developing :)))

  3. That's damn cool, I'm with the seals, they did for Bin Laden.

  4. Don't forget Polar Bear commandos can help:


    I SO want to do this as a game now...

  5. Good one :-)

    And don't forget those tactical nuclear penguins either!