05 May 2011

Crowsfeast 2011

Well, as Tas alluded to in an earlier post, I managed to attend my first Warhammer Fantasy Tournament ever, taking into battle the Lizardmen army I have been working on for the past 12 months. The tourney consisted of 5 games of 2400pts using the basic scenarios randomly determined by the allocated table, which themselves were pre set with terrain.

Whilst only 12 of us managed to attend (The WHFB scene here in Adelaide isn't that big) it was still a great tourney. I managed 5th overall after 3 losses on my first day, and 2 wins on the second. My painting/presentation score was equal 3rd which helped me jump some other players I think who preformed better on the table but whose armies were not fully painted. The title is a link to the TO's own pic site for the remainder of the tourney pics. Sean is a very experienced WHFB player and a member of the Australian 2011 European Team Championship team. He ran a great tourney,including making cups of coffee for the players during the games :) Game 1 vs Wood Elves.Curse those small units of fast cav, a loss.... Game 2 vs Warriors of Chaos. This chap went on to second place overall, and no wonder, he wiped me from the table. My biggest loss.... Game 3, vs Beastmen.This was a Battle For the Pass scenario, the only one played end to end. The volcano in each deployment zone erupted every turn, burning any units within 6 inches, hence an incentive not to camp at your end of the table :).Another loss, not as bad as game 2 though... Game 4, first game of the second day, and my first and biggest win.  Finally worked out how to use my big monsters in flank attacks... Game 5 vs Beastmen again, but this time a win, my Stegadon saved the day crushing his huge horde of 50 infantry from the flank, with a little help from a Saurus block in the front. My second win. All my opponents were great gentlemen, and it was a blast overall

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  1. Well done mate! I can see why you got second for presentation too - Bravo!