17 May 2011

New WW2 German Zombies

Multi-part hard plastic jobs by Studio Miniatures. Love the Zombie Officer (which is a white metal fig)

From their website:
These multipart plastic miniatures are in 28mm. With two bodies, three sets of arms, 1 spare head and a German Army field cap per sprue you have over 100 different possible variations and that’s even before you use the same arms but in different positions.
These miniatures come in a box set of 15 sprues giving you 30 different miniatures per set and 30 25mm round plastic bases at £20 per box set.


  1. "WW2 German Zombies" There is sooo much win in those three little words ;)

  2. The base on that officer reminds me of the Warmachine bases. I noticed it because I particularly like the look of them, the black ring almost "framing" whatever you use to finish the base itself.

  3. Doc - they are called lipped bases, and yes they do have a particualr style to them I like too. I use them for my Weird WW2 stuff, but wouldn't for all figures.