08 November 2010

Viking Invasion!

Sound the Alarm! Northmen have landed on the shores of my doorstep!

Split up with the other lads, we'll each have 10 Viking Huscarls to raid with, plus 8 Saxon Thegns and 8 Fjord each with which to defend hearth and home.  Put together, that will generate much rampaging dark age fun!  Having a quick look, the plastic casting are wonderful and almost infinite variety.  I'm very impressed with both the quality and price of these figs from Wargames Factory.

I also got a few bits and pieces from Fenris Games to build the scenarios with - some chest and barrels (aka plunder) plus some Viking style runestones - and I've finished building my first Thatched style hut - one has to have something to burn!

PS Happy Birthday Owen!!!!

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