02 November 2010

I Spy....Comrade James!

In the background! From Redemption 2010


  1. Comrade James looks somewhat deflated....Oh, for some juicy labels for this one!

    "My brain hurts..."
    "How did you do.....???"
    "18 6's??????"

  2. or "I've never heard of that rule..."

    Actually, he probably wanted to be beating up on the 12yr old in the foreground for an easy win :-)

    Just joking Comrade!

  3. oh the humour..;) That was a game I won, against the Spacw Wolves (see related Redemption posts). As for the posture, that was probably on turn one when he popped both my trukk and Battlewagon before they even moved...
    The 12 yr old joke wasn't too far off reality, I reckon the CSM player that beat me in game 3 was about 16!!
    ...and I've lost about 10 kgs since that pic was taken...;)

  4. What did you do? have an arm amputated?

  5. Hey, I know where that 10kg is; I have it... POG, are also missing 4 or 5 kg too?

  6. I must admit I've shed a few! :-D