12 November 2010

The instant portable carnage storage..with sponsors!!

As I promised in the post below (Game 3), here are a few pics of the fantastic fold up stadium that Graeme designed and built himself. Its the Orc teams home pitch, as they play every game on it, and is also the scene of the North Bowl Grand Final...Note the clever way the centre structures come out allowing the whole thing to fold in the middle into a suitcase...astro felt...sigh!!! The sponsorship signs are all BB themed parodies of popular modern day advertisers, I believe downloadable for similar projects....


  1. Wow - Awesome setup!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. That is such a clever idea on so many levels. This would be great for anything from Tusk to Ambush Alley...

  3. Thats fantastic! Is the 'turf' home done? If so, what on?

    I love the portability and, importantly, robust storage that this idea presents. Plus the great BB fluff signs too -Great stuff!

  4. Hey man, I don't know if you still check this. But I think this is a great setup! If Graeme still has the measurements or blueprints of this that would help a lot of us that would try to tackle such a wonderful project. Thanks in advance