05 November 2010

Group North Historical Wargaming Society Open Day

Last Sunday was my gaming clubs Annual Open Day here in Adelaide. The primary aims were to showcase the games the clubs members play and to attract new members. The day was pretty successful in both regards, certainly helped in all endeavours by the various traders we had along as well. The club also ran its own second hand stall from items donated throughout the year by various members. Warhammer Ancient Battles King Arthur rules.... The pics below are from a playtest game using rules developed for these pre production figures by Eureka Miniatures.. The Trafalgar rules have proven pretty popular at the club...here the English Fleet are attempting to destroy the French Harbour..my arch nemesis Greg was commanding the French Fleet, and last I looked was recieving a right proper English spanking... A bit of Fields of Glory action, can't go past some Romans in 28mm now can you? Wings of War in action on a Hotz Game mat...how we marveled as they climbed, how we ooohed as they dove, how we applauded when one chap got cut in half by his own propellor... This War of the Ring display recreated a scene in the second Lords of the Ring movie when the Orcs are ambushed...apparently..I was just bamboozled by the number of (painted) models!! Finishing off with some Wierd WW2 and Incursion love...apologies for the out of focus pic....


  1. Good grief thats very good, how many members in the wargaming group.

  2. Wow an awesome and varied collection of games and figs! I love the Trafalgar Fleets especially and that WW1 action reminds me when we played "Algy pulls it off" and the Badger went goose over stumps sausage side...


  3. Hi Angry, there are about 40 senior members and 20 junior members, we play Wed and Fri nights. Lots of gamers from Adelaide either unaffiliated or in other clubs came along on the day as well.

    And Tas, the Trafalgar fleets are from Skytrex, great way to cheaply game, from the UK a whole fleet is about 90 AUD delivered...I think I may have some of those planes in my Boys Own Book of the Air...reminds me of the time the birds would go swooping in my mothers undercroft..

  4. Thanks for the comments on the club
    just a correction the war of the ring static display was an army of Easterlings (over 300 figures) being ambushed by rangers of North and Gondor who are on their march to join saurons army at minas tirith (3rd film) as per book
    to answer the question from angry lurker GNHWS has approx 50 members between the ages of 12 and 75
    thanks again, madtankdog

  5. Looks like it wasa great day. Some impressive layouts there. Love the Meso-Anerican temple!

  6. Ahh yes...the 20 minuters!