22 November 2009

Salamander Update

Amongst all the other domestic and official duties this weekend (grr...) I managed to find time with the Lad to assemble and prime the first Tactical Fireteam of 5 guys for the Salamanders Army.

[EDIT: Scammed some time after dinner to get the base coats and washes on!]

I've made a few purchases recently to built at 1250 pt force to start with. So far it will consist of:
Terminator Squad
3 Tactical Squads
Land Speeder

Still playing about with Army Builder (awesome program!) to flesh it out but thats the plastic and lead I have here or already on the way. A few vehicles will be nice too so I'll scour Ebay a bit I think.

1 comment:

  1. Salamanders... hmm, sounds like you need a landraider Redeemer!!!! ... mount the Devstator Squad in a Razorback with Twin linked Heavy Flamers!!!