06 November 2009

Postal Goodies

Bits for my Deathwing guys arrived in today's post! Firstly, the Dragon Forge bases I ordered, which have now been cleaned up and basecoated black ready for some attention.

And secondly, some extra bits for my second DA Squad off ebay- an Assault Cannon, and a nice DA Power Sword and bolter combo (for the 2nd Squad's Sgt). These shoulder pads seem a bit small though - are there meant to be extra pads over the top? If so....bugger! In the meantime I'm half-way through stripping the rest of the second Squad figs ready for some love once all the bits come together.


  1. Yep, there are other 'pads that go over top.

    I might have some extras laying around to go into my forthcoming Barter Bucket post though.

  2. Those are damned nice bases!

    .....and yes, Termies do have a second Paldron over the top. As luck would have it I do have a three spares!