25 November 2009

Blindingly Obvious Tip of the Day

When basing your minis, check to ensure that what you are using is actually glue...and not white paint.
It has come to my immediate attention that using the former by accident can have rather dissappointing results!

Of course this happened to a "friend of mine"...


  1. I use paint all the time for adding sand to the bases, then (when dry) flood the sand with ink. Makes for a rock hard base. I've actually had trouble with white glue pealing off of the base in the past.

  2. Must be the kind oif paint then - this stuff dissolved when the inks were applied and all the sand came off.

  3. I also use paint for basing... just regular GW paints that are colors I picked up for a single model and unlikely to use anywhere else... like Tenticle Pink. But I also base the models before priming them.