05 November 2009

Genestealer Pics - Part 2

Comrade James' mate Jase has provided us with the details of how he painted these hideous beauties:

Undercoat: spray black

Regal blue with Badab black wash went over drybush regal blue
1-1 Regal Blue And Ice Blue drybrush, highlight edges with Enchanted blue, Space Wolf Blue on bare edges

Basecoat mix 1-1 warlock purple and hormagaunt purple, mix 1-1 black with lithe purple watered down as wash.
1-1 Hormagaunt purple and Space WOlves grey drybrush,
1-2 mix Hormagaunt and Space Wolves grey, lighter drybush
Space Wolves grey very light drybrush

Claws : black with fortress grey

Teeth : white


  1. You know, 9 lines of isntructions is in no way going to ever enable to paint to this standard!!!! Will help me improve what I'm doing now though I think. Those GW washes are certainly the biz!

  2. But that extra introductory line makes all the difference :-) I agree though, those washes are great!

  3. To answer the question about the skulls, it depends on the level of depth you want, but its the following on the Brood Lord:
    Base Coat of black
    Heavy Dry Brush with Codex Grey
    Light Dry Brush with 1:1 Codex/Fortress Grey
    Badab Black Wash
    Light Dry Brush with Fortress Grey, careful not to go into the crevices you just filled with Badab Black, and finally 2 dry brush coats a good hour apart of Skull White.
    If you do 2 coats a bit lighter and wait for the first to dry, you get rid of the chalky look.
    Cheers for the comments :)

  4. Thanks for that Jase! Cheers