09 November 2009

Base Progress

I've been playing around with the great Dragon Forge bases I got last week for my Deathwing Squads.

First impressions:
Grey resin, crisply cast with no flash at all. Very nice detail, just as per the website.

Because I'm using the old 2nd edition version of plastic terminators, some of the split level bases won't work too well with them. Thats fine: I got 2 sets (of 10) so there are plenty of suitable ones and those which arent will be used in due course for my 1st edition genestealers.

Black spray undercoat
Heavy drybruch of Bolt Gun metal
Some details picked out in Dwarven Bronze.
Heavy Devlan Mud wash
Stipple with a buildup of Negro Flesh (Coat d'Arms), Terracotta and Hobgoblin orange highlights for rust effects
Very light Bolt Gun Metal drybrush

all good so far, just a final Black Ink wash for the recesses and I'll be finished....right?
Ooops - wrong! The black ink stole all my colours - grrrr....
Started again, stopping at the last drybrush!

Took some pics but cant d/l them from the camera for some reason - will post as soon as I can.

These look great up close, but perhaps are a bit dull from a distance. Maybe the next batch need a grey basecoat at the start to lighten them up a bit. Once I have the Terminators fixed on I'm planning some blood splatter effects too.

Still trying to formulate a plan to paint up damage and dents on them. Suggestions welcome!

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  1. From pg 95 of current White Dwarf (just one suggestion)
    Mark chip with 1:1 mix Space Wolves Grey and Graveyard earth then apply Charandon Granite to lower edge of'chip', highlighted with pure Skull white. Trick is to lighten and highlight one edge, this case bottom edge, to give illusion of depth..Given that the above was for chips in white armour, modify colours to suit background..