16 November 2009

Salamander Test

Started the Lad on his proper painting project ovetr the weekend - a Salamander SM. A figure I found kicking about that I didnt know I had (sans backpack unfortunately), he chose the colour scheme from the SM Codex himself.

I'd like to say this was all his own work, but truthfully it was a combined project and more a tutorial figure. Essentially, he did the main colours and I did the detailing. Lucky it was a hot day so we could proceed quickly before his interest waned.
Undercoat - Grey spray
Basecoat - Salamander Green heavy drybrush, Flamer Black
Wash with Thrakka Green
Highlight: 50/50 Salamander Green / Striking Scorpian Green
Flamer Bolt Gun metal Drybrush
Final Highlight - Striking Scorpian Green
Eyes - white then blood red
Gold bits - Dwarven Bronze, Red Ink, Burnished Gold Highlights.

Now looking for some Salamander decals to finish him off....and another 30 buddies to keep him company !

In the meantime, the home brew continues to bubble along happily...