03 April 2015

Contemplating ECW Terrain

I've started to cast my eye about for appropriate 6mm terrain - another lovely excuse to spend Hobby money! So what do I think we need? Enough terrain for a 4 x 4 or so sized table, including a river, a few roads, some bridges, and a town or two. First up, Baccus (whose lovely figures we are using) is an easy starting place with this nice village set https://www.baccus6mm.com/catalogue/ScenicItems/BritishBuildings/
Here are some other manufacturers of 6mm Terrain that I've come across:
Some painted up nicely here:
Curt's nicely painted up granary set here: http://analogue-hobbies.blogspot.com/2013/03/product-review-total-battle-miniatures.html
Curt's lovely granary terrain set (Total Battle Miniatures)
While its listed in their Napoleonic rage, Leven Miniatures make a nice fortified Manor House that would do nicely as a Royalist stronghold
Leven's NAP06 - Fortified Manor House from here
Leven also make these fine Tudor Style buildings - can't have an English village without a pub now can we!
GEN11 - Tudor Style Public House
HOU14 - Detached Tudor style house
Dungeon Castings make this nice "House with Tower" as an alternative Manor House (DC-D0118)http://www.dungeoncastings.co.uk/shop/shop.php?action=full&id=531
Total Battle Miniatures also do this fantastic walled town set - very pretty but not sure if I need to drop 65 pounds on it at this stage and instead of buying more functional terrain.  Very shiny though!  Would make a great centrepiece for a Campaign.
The unpainted pics show what you get in better detail I think:

And finally, what kind of Royalist would I be without a good keep or castle to fall back on?  However, my quick look around didn't provide me with the ample options I expected.  I thought for sure there would be many examples of big '5 star' castles like Conwy, Raglan or Caernarfon.  What I'd really like is a nice tower like Donnington (where the battle of Newbury was fought in 1644). 
JR Miniatures' "European Siege Castle"
And finally, some inspiration for baggage/camp elements here (all made with Baccus figures): http://www.tinytintroops.co.uk/Galleries/New_Style/New_Page_02_camp&bag.htm

If you other suggestions or recommendations for us I'd love to hear them!


  1. Most of these buildings look far too good for 6mm Paul! The town looks awesome!

    1. It sure does, can't quite justify it at the moment though unless the Aussie dollar has a major recovery!

  2. Very nice looking scenery there, hard to believe some of it is 6mm.

    1. Yes its sometime a bit daunting what some people can achieve in micro scales

  3. Wow. Some of those are brilliant! Love the walled town!

  4. No need for me to make suggestions. You've found everything I was going to mention and then some!

  5. The walled town is not as expensive as it appears as the buildings do not have to be attached to the base, this allows you to use them in other settings as well. I don't have that town set, though I have many of the buildings but I do have the Spanish Hill Town and do use the buildings both on and off the base as required.

    Look at the Leven medieval range, these can be used for village and town buildings and have the advantage of being very competitively priced. I have painted up about 50% of his range over the last three years and really like what he has done with them


  6. There may be some bits you can use at http://www.irregularminiatures.co.uk/, look under 6mm (at the bottom pane) then Scenic Accessories on the side bar