31 March 2015

A game of Global conquest...

We are running a large wargame this week with 30 odd players and a team of Umpires.

Our fictional world has 3 major powers (Blue, Red and Grey), each allied to 3 minor powers (Purple, Green and Yellow respectively) who between them control the only canal between continents, plus some non State Actors (Orange).  The world is set up as shown below with two large oceans (in white):
Each country is run with a team of players including a President, Diplomat, Treasurer and Military Commanders.. There are a range of game moderators who also run the UN and World Bank.  Each turn includes economic & trade, diplomacy, industry and of course military action in a pretty rapid fire sequence:

10 mins of team strategising
10 mins of interaction between teams
20 mins for moderated game moves (in a separate room, only Commanders allowed)
10 min for combat resolution

We will running 8 turns over 2 half day sessions later this week, after which Victory will be calculated as follows:
And finally, each turn a country gets to generate military assets by expending resources, each of which has special capabilities:

As you can see, Units have Attack-Defence-Move stats like a classic SPI/AH board game, which are used to resolve combat with a few die rolls

Apparently you can't hoard up technology points to develop nuclear weapons...I know because I asked :-D

I am on the Blue team in the role of Diplomat (an unusual role for me!) and all alliances and deals must be sealed with real world beers!

More to follow as the game unfolds...