29 April 2015

Battlegroup Blitzkrieg arrives

I didn't get to SALUTE this week (not living in the UK and all) but I did get new goodies in the mail from PSC!  Only had a quick flick through so far but looks up to the usual excellent standard we've become used to in the BG series.  And who doesn't want to try throwing cavalry at light tanks on the tabletop?

EDIT - If this interests you, you MUST go check out the Demo game held at the SALUTE release of the game.  There are some amazing pics at Piers's website here: http://ww20mm.blogspot.com  Piers is part of the brains trust behind this book and his 20mm armies are just gorgeous!


  1. Wishing I could get hold of a copy of Battlegroup Kursk to try out the rules...

    1. Send me an email mate, I think I can help you out

    2. Well Scott you can just buy the mini rulebook and one of the other supplements to try the game...

      The core rules come in a seperate and very cheap book!

  2. Me, I don't want to send cavalry against light tanks. Now 37mm bofors anti tank guns that is a different story.