12 April 2015

Submarine Museum and WW2 Memorial

Recently I had the opportunity to tour the US Navy's Submarine Museum and the WW2 Memorial, both of which are in Groton, Connecticut.  The museum, is a great selection of everything from the first submersible boats all the way up to nuclear attack sub and ballistic missile submarines.  The pride of the collection is the USS NAUTILUS, the first nuclear powered submarine in the world and the first submarine to transit under the north pole.  Just as good in my mind were all the battle flags and memorabilia for the WW2 Submarines whip waged such effective economic warfare against Japan (and many of which operated out of Australia).  If you get a chance to visit I highly recommend it!

And of course its great motivation for playing The Hunters and the upcoming US Pacific Version Silent Victory!

The Nautilus in all her glory!


  1. I live in Medway, where Royal Navy subs were based at Chatham.

  2. Rather jealous. Toddlers = no ability to travel . :-(

  3. As a side note, have you played any of the "Silent Hunter" PC game series. Amazing games, where you can roam the oceans, destroying shipping. Pretty much the entire Atlantic is your playground. The realism can be increased or dialed back to taste. Silent Hunter III is an older title, but easily the best.

    1. "Aces of the Deep" was my game back in the day, and yes you could roam the Atlantic and Med at will in your Uboat. Good times!