26 April 2010

US paratrooper Zombies

Lets face it, most WWW2 Zombies are Germans, but its not a strict monopoly. As Owen told me, those Rooskies have plenty of dead-uns ready for reanimation and undead human wave attacks would be right up their alley!

At his page, Mike has come up with another take on the topic - para-zombies! No more complaining about drop injuries either!



  1. That middle one looks like me getting up to the kids in the middle of the night half asleep....

  2. I, for one, have never really understood zombies in German uniforms... if it's the Germans doing all this reanimation - why would they be doing it to their own dead... I would think they'd be reanimating all the droves of Russians they've slaughtered! Partly due to having some amount of respect for their own dead, and complete disdain for the dead of others, but also because wouldn't it be more terrifying for an enemy to be attacked by their own reanimated troops?

    I guess if the Russians (and other allies) joined in the weirdness and started reanimating the dead they'd use germans...

    Anyway, so I think these US para zombies would be very handy for the Western and Mediterranean fronts.

  3. I'm sure the Germanic dead are very grateful for the opportunity to fight once again for the Fatherland! Couldnt have those dead foeigners do it after all!!! :-D

  4. Grateful Dead...now where have I heard that before??