09 April 2010

Little Wars Melbourne

Melbourne's Annual Wargames Participation Event is coming up next month.
God (and families) willing, Owen and I shall be in attendance!

We have signed up for "Jurrassic Reich" in the AM:

By late 1944 German scientists have developed the technology to breed dinosaurs, and ‘Dino’ de Laurentis had been induced to begin filming a documentary on the new pride of the German Army “Krieg-X”

American War Correspondent Ginger Snaps has been kidnapped and coerced into appearing in the film to lend it credibility. A special command unit headed by Sergeant Stone has been tasked with rescuing Ginger and destroying Project Krieg X. Can you help? Your country needs you!

To be then followed by some VSF War of the worlds action in the PM (using the GASLIGHT rules).

Looking forward to it!


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