05 April 2010

Oz HistoryCon

This Easter weekend saw the inaugural OzHistoryCon, held here in Adelaide. Over 2 days the focus was on historical games, primarily demos, and some traders as well. In its first year the Con was fairly small by other convention standards but was still a great opportunity to see historical games that tend to get lost in the world of mass sci fi and fantasy marketing. That said, there was a Zombie game featured by Grindhouse games called Incursion.... The SHanghai Incident, figues seemed based for Flames of War...
Incursion...Zombies in WW2 uniforms....one for you Z fans..;)
The game...
28mm WW2 using Rapid Fire rules
Not huge, but there were three more traders to the right out of shot. And yes, that is Nic from Eureka Miniatures on the far right :)


  1. So, James, did you play in any games? Favourite one?

    Incursion is the one that has apaprently infected Paul... I'm still resisting.. for the moment...

    What was being played on the table in the centre right of shot? Looks to be skirmish oreiented? Malifaux?

    Some nice scenery on display.

  2. Owen, was just a lightning visit, so didn't play in any games. We got there fairly early on Day 2, so a few games were still setting up...I'm posting more pics hopefully should answer a few more questions..the game on the far right was a desert mid-war Flames of War game.The only skirmish one I could tell was an old west game using Legends of the Old West rules..pics in next post

  3. Great stuff! Always good to see Nic getting out and about too :-)

    That Incursion game looks awesome- cant wait to get my set. Any more pics of that?

    Most envious mate- huzzah1

  4. Nice shots James.
    I see you've signed up for Jurassic Reich at Little Wars so you'll be playing on that castle table that was under construction at OzHistoryCon, and I'll see you there!