11 April 2010

German Jäger Werewolf 'Wolfgang'

Did this guy over the weekend- my first WWW2 fig and in fact (to my shame) the first fig painted to completion in the new Man Cave.

Fig by Westwind which was a very criply cast with no flash and only a slight mold line. Lovely detail which lent itself well to drybrushing and washing, and I'm very happy with the result overall.

mid/dark grey spray undercoated and basecoated
3 successively lighter grey drybrushes
pants - olive green
detail on lips and claws
gyphone sepia washon body, devln mud wash on pants
made up my own blood effects mixing red ink and a bit of badab black wash- wanted some colour but not over the top gory

then I did the basing - should have done this first but I wanted to get into the painting.

So overall a great model which looks good, but I just read the rules and found out that there are three to a unit...Doh!


  1. I have been desperately avoided starting to collect these. I can give it up any time I like, whimper.

  2. Well, the first one looks like a "howling" success!!

    Yeah, I tried very hard to resist that pun...

  3. John- I find self control to be self defeating-give in!

    Owen- shocker...try harder mate!

  4. This stuff is like gamers crack. At the moment i'm staying off it, but my friend has got a good collection of Germans and Yanks and i can feel my resolve going.
    Very nicely painted figure for the first in the new man cave. Lets see more WERE that one came from.

  5. Yeah careful REDTROOP , once you start you can't help but WOOF it down....nice one Tas, 'bout time you painted a model...;)

  6. Figured it was time I stopped slacking!